About Us

Desert Wisdom is currently being built, not only as a website but also as a company. We are a Development Company that primarily deals with computer games and we are currently designing a number of unique (and not so unique) games that will be built and published in the future.

We are currently a Husband (Kurzon) and Wife (Helen) team who’s passion is in the creative spaces. I (Kurzon) am an avid writer and loves telling stories, through novel and game format, my Wife (Helen) is an artist who has quite a wide tallent set, she paints, sculpts, crochet’s, wood burning, baking, sewing, embroidering, photography and of course photo manipulation. Its safe to say if I’m the brain, she is the soul, without either of us Desert Wisdom wouldn’t exist. Helen mainly works under the name Creative Chaos Art and you can view her blog here.

In time Desert Wisdom will be opening itself up for people to come on board and work for us to create the games that are currently being designed and developed.

For more information on the projects that we can talk about please go to our projects section.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me

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